Create a comfortable workout area within any indoor or outdoor space with the professional-grade home gym equipment brought to you by EzyLiving. Here, you can expand your at-home training options with a dedicated or space-saving unit for full-body workouts. Whatever you choose, forget restricting gym memberships, work hours and tiring commutes.

If you want to meet an all-in-one trainer, you can’t go wrong with the Smith machine in NZ. Highly customisable and versatile, it provides a variety of basic and advanced training options. With their built-in safety features, such machines are reliable and compact alternatives to purchasing separate pieces of cheap gym equipment in NZ.

But we carry individual machines, too. Choose what fits your home gym and fitness goals!


Multi-Functional Machine 100KGx2 2.28m BLACK

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EZYPRO Squat Rack with Lat Pull Down

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Smith Machine half rack

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Olympic Flat Bench Press

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3 Station Multi-Function Home Gym with 73KG Weights

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